Saturday, December 31, 2011

Written from a wheelchair.

"Life is not always easy and some people must endure more tragedy than others. Nevertheless, if a person accepts his life as it is and makes the best of it, he'll find that life is really worthwhile."- Arlene E. Gilbert, my grandmother.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Retribution or Redemption

Dear little bumblebee
You've slipped through my fingers
It's okay, for I can see
That you need me to linger

I will stay awhile more
And keep you safe from threats
Yet keep in mind, you sting me once
And you will pay your debt

Sunday, December 4, 2011

For What?

Apologies are for sorry people
Break free from broken words
Desperation for validation
Slows the quality of communication
Let actions become heard

Like an April wind storm blown
Speech can over take us
But true to every fired gun
No words can undo tables spun
Silence is what kills us

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Former Friends Fading Fast

Hate has grown in my heart
For everything you do and say
It was everything I had
And you just threw it away
I can see it in your eyes
Shows itself in what you say
Materialized in all my tears
But it fades day by day
Cognizant of nothing now
My absence is what you will pay

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sense Solid Sensations

I can taste your passion
Grazing across my tongue
The flavor is your gentleness
Drinking love songs sung
Pouring from your mouth to mine
Savor being young

I can see your passions
Dancing through the air
Warmth from across the room
Created through a stare
A glimpse into my happiness
Just because you're there

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Hurry Home

In the distance the sound of a rooster waking is heard. The sound of his cry echoes in an omnipresent sort of way, reassuring me that the day, in fact, has begun. Whether or not he is happy about it has been the debate for some time. At that very same moment, a male cardinal leaps up into a batch of bird seed laid out especially for him, in feeder erected like that of an alter. I watch him as he does a nervous dance for food, making me wonder if he ever truly gets a break from the impeding danger of being a bird. I understand his plight when an orange feline springs from the bushes and lands at my feet. I look up to find the bird as he wants me to see him, gone. I second guess his presence and wonder if he was ever there.

It is silent. Leaves dance a soft waltz until hitting the ground without a sound. The lion next to me sleeps, not caring if I or anyone else is there to notice. This is comforting for me, for in this moment it is my desire to be unnoticed, transcended past solitude. Self-reliance is my breakfast, energized by a bold black coffee growing cold in the winter air. The sun has little hope of breaking through the clouds today, yet there is an odd purplish hue casting light on the blanket of browns and reds covering the grass.

The air is heavy and carries a robust smell of wood through the yard, hitting me between the eyes and embedding in my thoracic cavity. I seem to be anchored to the steps in which I sat so freely on minutes ago. There is an exhale of responsibly translating into white clouds of breathe fading quickly into the morning. A lady bug has made camp on the leg of my pants and I admire her audacity. The Lady would surely make home of where it pleases, and where ever she may be.

The rooster crows for the third time, and I take this as a sign of biblical proportions. I retreat into the dwelling that I will, for now, call my home.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Write for You

Liberation in syrupy words
Dripping from your mouth
Leisurely falling in my soul
Pushing my heart south
Harvesting Identity

Liberation in narrowed eyes
Painted for my own
Blind to all iniquity
Healing sorrow sown
Cultivating all of me

Liberation in a smile
Sly, yet not too guarded
You may give it to the world
But, I will keep it shielded
Promising fidelity

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Here, Little Bumble Bee

Here, little bumble bee
Let us play with fire
In the flames, there I will see
What's your true desire

For I cannot foresee
Or direct your passions
And I long to be with thee
In an earnest fashion

Here, little bumble bee
Please do not deceive me
It's too far for me to flee
You've begun to scare me

Will you use your stinger
And lay me to my waste
Or am I the ring leader
The master of the pace

As you draw in nearer
My eyes will open wide
And I will see you clearer
And I will then decide

It will then, be too late
And I will not be free
I will surely learn my fate
For dealing with the bee

Monday, October 31, 2011

Visage User

Face of sunshine and honesty
Painted from the heart
I looked at you with faithful clarity
Beginning at the start

Before I noticed the disguise
I built you up an alter
Gazing with my child eyes
You began to falter

Your sweet smile did not bode
Of a swift rejection
All the faithfulness I sowed
Smoldered by imperfection

From our time you birth disgrace
But yet my heart will tremble
Did you really change, sweet face
Or is my heart just fickle

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Our guilt brings us conscience
Shame feeds a flame
Heat from wicked hearts
Burning in the blame

Guilt pushes toward forgiveness
Shame towards despair
Doesn't matter who you are
Or even why you're there

Guilt is a reflection pool
Shame lacks veracity
But we always feel our shame
At our heart's capacity

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pleading to a Childhood Lost

Swaying are the memories now
Falling are we to no set tempo
Push me into relief and carelessness
Blissful moments sweet and far
Distant and current
Relevant and childish
Calm me with outburst of joy
And linger
Pause our swirling adolescent whirlwind
Relieve me of maturity 's burden
Let us drift into unforeboding times
And sing
With syrupy voice and honest timbre
Seep into my core through my ears
Your life harmonizing mine with delicate accents
Freeing me with swift mercies
Cunning is a crafty cadence
Mistakenly we create regret
Love and loss for one another
Far from swinging with my brother

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sorry is What Sorry Gets

I am calm and sturdily set
Projected are my burdens
Relieved myself of all regret
Forgave all my transgressions
I recognize your emotions
But I plunge into salvation
Drifting from annihilation

Birthing in me, self respect
Sanitizing my sanity
Solution is to neglect
Opening up opportunity
Value in authenticity
Pushing for validity
Swimming for reality

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Neutral, Natural, Needs improvement.

I keep attempting to keep my life in the neutral. There are so many issues that are coming to the for front of our society. Each one of theses issues require decisions to be made. Each one of theses issues push you to a battling side, a left or a right. They concrete us into a mold, where only then can we scream in unity, “I AM INDIVIDUAL”. We, as a society, only feel comfortable being “ourselves” when someone else is being it with us.

I do not care for definitions or labels. I do not yearn for a name tag telling the world who I am. Micah Winter is an ever changing, hopefully ever growing, personality. Though I can affirmatively answer some of these pointless view points, there are some questions that I may never have the answer to, and I am not looking for them. The answers that I do possess are mine, and I try fervently to keep them close to me. Most people would be surprised at how wrong I find them, but I have never understood why a political or religious view should keep me from a friend or a relative. There have been times, some which exist in the present, that I have kept myself a total secret from the outside world, if only to preserve relationships with people blinded by their own light and shackled with conviction.

Maya Angelou once said, “Love should liberate, never bind.” I think first we must liberate ourselves.

I will search for me, if you search for you.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Give Up

I have reached my low point, the very bottom, the place where it is just me. Alone I start to wonder if I could ever truly be alone, if I could ever really seclude myself. Do I own enough of my body to take it away from the world. Do I conduct my body, or am I a pawn? Do I have a say in the goings on in my life, or does the Higher Power direct my life?

I picture myself in this cave in the side of a cliff, overlooking a vast ocean. There is no clear way out, so I sit down. On the cold stone, the humbleness rushes over me. I feel in my gut, the pit of my stomach, the meekness. It is the feeling of a captive, a slave to the light breeze on my cheek. I am at the mercy of such a great span of water. A great span that I cannot manage, I cannot control. There in the stillness. I must be silent, I must drink in the knowledge that I am nothing, yet I am valuable. I am not God. I breathe in the ocean air and I wonder. And I whisper three words, “I give up.”

Monday, September 12, 2011


I watch your feet move to and fro
Where you move, there I will go
Serendipity be a lie
Left to fate this runs awry
Practice perfect, that I did
Knew it since I was a kid
Yet now I'm here and less prepared
I see your face and you look scared
My heart is bruised with every beat
By critics seated in their seats
I catch your eye, and slow down
Pirouette and turn around
Through the air I see you dive
I leap on four and land on five
Pleading for you just to stay
Pursuing you with each plie
But clearly you were meant to be
Unlimited, completely free
So, I bow from the dance
That was once our sweet romance

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I am but a child
Spiritually young and growing
I am nothing wild
Yet I go not knowing
Who I am

I am an autumn leaf
Matured, and not so binding
I am safe and cautious
Tripped and now I'm finding
Who I am

I am but a shadow
Trailing someone kind
I am quite determined
Hoping just to find
Who I am

I am what is now
Pulsing through the present
I am permanent
The teacher and the student
I am individual
Steadfast in that way
I am individual
And I am here to say
Who I am

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fervent and a Hot Type Feeling

Our breathing in tandem
Your heart is in mine
Inhabiting what is all of me
Dragging me from insignificance
You are MY God
Show me your brilliance
Begging for my solid ground
Helplessly I doubt veracity
Selfishly lying with insanity
My promises fall short
But your love is long
Who I am is questionable
But who you are is perpetual

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dear Chunky Girl,

I took pride in knowing you
Who you are, and what you do
But I can not be a slave
Refuse oppression, take the grave
Now your actions make you stranger
All your words, filled with anger
Is it my fault I'm not you?
My fault I don't live on cue?
Distance is a dance for two
Where you lose me and I lose you
I feel I was but a flower
Gardened till the day I soured
Yet I can't and won't regret
No limitations you may set
I am me, and you can't take it
I am me, and you won't break it

With love,
Chunky Boy

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Golden Face

Glory pushes through the morning
Brilliance from what one's adorning
Purity, not a gilded feature
Affirmation for our future

I wonder if you bless the day
This tell of your wishful way
All before the dry of dew
Surely this, God gave to you

A grant for you like no other
Sent so you may wage the weather
With this notion you wipe clean
The slate of all that's yet unseen

Hoping for the greener pastures
Hopeful you will be enraptured
Clear to me, is your yearning
For you smile in the morning

Friday, July 8, 2011

Costly Exteriors

I respect your weaknesses
Because I am but glass
Vulnerability is reality
The past is the past

Don't let my needs hold you
I know you have a truth to tell
Sensitivity is a handicap
Let out your bell, and yell

Don't display less than confidence
Less than you is fruitless
Don't feed me with my hopes
I fell for your naturalness

There are no facades that lock me
Dig up broken shards
Place them on a pedestal
I love you 'cause you're scarred

I Can Hear Your Smile

I can hear your smile
Lift above the crowd
Mingle in the rafters
An effervescent cloud

Though I had my back turned
It hit between the ears
Embedded in my memory
Played over year to year

When I turn around
It will just get louder
Pressing on my abdomen
And growing ever prouder

It will make me sick with lust
My eyes will fish for yours
Connect with me and there we are
Liberated by closed doors

My "first love"

Our time is over, our love is a memory. A sweet memory, filled with the aroma of your black hair and the cologne I put on especially for you, as distant to me as the summer nights that housed them.
Critics will say that this was merely my "first love." I will be expected to move on quickly, after an "understandable" bout with depression. It will be my duty to be blase about our time together. My duty to remember the sour finish and not the nectar of the first touch. Every kind word, all of the the prolonged glances, the sweaty hands held too tight, will be memories. Memories that are expected to fade with time. Moments in time, once being remembered for safe keeping, will no longer reach the ears of our nonexistent family tree, never planted.
But, how can I smother and stuff all of these emotional recounts away into the category of "first love." When I love, is it not for a life time? Or was I not loving quite hard enough?
No. No, damn it all. My love is real love. My love was taught to me through sturdy grandparents, brought to fruitation through intellect that matched my own, and a wit to surpass me.
My love is sturdy foundation, meant to build upon itself the feeling of acceptance and a mutual respect.
This wasn't my love, though, it was OURS.
I planted the bud, and you watered it. We stood and watched it bloom together.
Who decides what love last?
Ours was just as solid as those I witness at the alter, and we just as scared.
Out union wasn't nasty, at least not more that love should be.
Our love didn't boast, at least not louder than the others.
The lips of our love sang a melody that we danced the harmony too, all into the haze of a Mississippi night.
I was always uncertain, even if you, with out fail, stepped onto the ledge with me. Uncertainty must be a key ingredient in love, for with out it our souls grow into comfort and contempt.
Yet still, with all the unforeboding and ambiguous plans, we aren't loving any more.
My first love.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Aching for Validation

I have often felt that I was the best at something, that I was better than others at the fine arts or perhaps swam faster...or that I had the broadest thoughts.
There have been times in my life where I knew, with out a thread of doubt, that I was born for greatness.
But consistently, with an unfailing persistence that surely is possessed solely by God himself, the grim feeling of worthlessness will grow in me.
This feeling is brought on by myself, but projected through a mirror and is not merely limited to the feminine.
Boundless, this feeling seeps through us all. It grows in business men, it prospers in the powerful, especially in the beautiful.
The feeling is mental, the repercussions, physical.
It's a feeling that is materialized in a drunken haze and ruins our perception of what is reality.
My biggest enemy in my life is the facade of the mirror. It's depictions are reality, but through my eyes the image is twisted. My brain processes my body and then shows me what I thought I would see all along. By the time it reaches the home of my self-esteem, my heart, it is a different picture all together.
I am fat.
Whether it is the truth or not, it will ALWAYS be what I see.
Body image is a war of emotions, fought between self-worth and emptiness.
It is a futile battle. There is no clear winner in the war between a spirit and a body. The image that we have our sights on is seemingly unattainable, mostly because it probably is.
This society looks in mirrors, not to see themselves, but in a hope to see Seventeen Magazine, in a desperation to see Vogue.
Inner beauty is pushed aside and labeled as valueless, while we all strive toward a superficial mediocrity that will only lead us to pining for reassurance, aching for validation.
The tears that I cry are cried by everyone at some point. And once that is understood, there is a a weapon added to the fight. An alliance of the self-inflicted sufferers, power in numbers.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I had a moment today.
One of those "shimmering shards of self-assurance" moments.
I stopped to save a small turtle in the road that I was very close to killing. I named the turtle MICAH. It was riding the center of the road, very close to one side but still at the point where one could argue that it was in both lanes simultaneously. I worried about the turtle and moved him into the grass, but I wonder if that's where he was going, and if I did him a disservice by putting him there. Though, there really is no way of knowing, he was barely moving...if he was moving at all.
I bestowed upon him my name. I often feel as though I am in-between two lanes of traffic, a dangerous situation. It would undoubtedly take ages to get to one side of the road that I'm on, and I fear stepping all the way in one lane would mean disaster. But I would starve my spirit by riding the middle.
There is nothing more dangerous than safety.

You can't have me

You can't give me what I need
Tried so hard, but you can't lead
I your vessel of despair
Will break free, I'll leave you there
You pour in me all your pain
But I will not go insane
Let this tiger out it's cage
There are little words to say
Boundless, I'll be free again
Through with paying for your sin

Observation From the Sidelines

I once knew a girl who lived
Expressions on a horn she'd blow
Expressions that the world would know
Followed where her heart would go

I once knew a girl who lived
Brash, erratic, like the sea
Dangerous, but scared of thee
She gave all her love to me

I once knew a girl who lived
We grabbed hands and held them tight
Valiantly battled through our plight
But she was lured into the night

I once knew a girl who lived
Who's laughter was infectious
Who's smile was contagious
Lost to the outrageous

I once knew a girl who lived
Who wouldn't ever know it
Who tried her best to love it
Who tried her best to show it

Ode to her bright sorrow.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My dear.

I will hold your picture frame
Even when you're gone
Though my heart won't be the same
We have reached our dawn

Your face will look and gleam at me
And I might shed a tear
For through your face my eyes did see
And look past all my fear

I'll hang you on my wall, my dear
So all the people know
That once love made my mind think clear
Through your face and glow

It passes.

I knew a girl who'd stand in rain
To rid herself of all her pain
From her face the tears would roll
Combined with rain to clean her soul
She could smile with delight
Shield herself, lose her sight
But she will pick it up tomorrow
And she will hold on to her sorrow
She'll put it back within it's place
Lock with-in her, her disgrace

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Futile Efforts to Undermine

You may push against me now
Know you're but resistance
An eagle with one wing
You fall
I will soar above you
Shant neva hit no wall
Lifted above situation
Know I am the tall
You can't push me down
AH ha
You are but resistance
Let me give you some assurance
Though you're but a nuisance
Fly in my coffee
Grain in my eye
Learn to speak
And not to lie
From these social wounds
You die
Yet I keep living
By and by
The ground you hit will be reality
Stand up!
And grab your sanity
Surely you will go the distance
Surpassing all this world's resistance

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And I sigh.

Let me be who I be

And not who I’m surrounded by

Are you lame, or can’t you see

That I refuse to breathe a lie

I’ll defy

I choose not to live to die

I’m the guy

Who can fly

At least the one that will try

Let me be who I be

And you won’t ever ask me why

Leave me so my mind is free

You don’t have to say goodbye

You may cry

And that’s the very reason why

I’ll deny

Reach the sky

Break free of all that you did tie

Monday, May 9, 2011


You are my imagination
But I'm caught in love's gestation
Who pushed this into creation
And is it a legit sensation
You are the object of my temptation
You have caused inward mutation
Throwing me into frustration
I reach out from that damnation
Holding on to my salvation
I will pull a full rotation
Magically cause your deflation
And I'll live through love's duration
I will rid myself of your fixation
Hideaway my heart's location
To hold against cultivation
You were not my aspiration
So I run with desperation
All for my own conservation

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Come away with me you fool
I'll be your oasis
From the hot I give you cool
Take rest in me, don't be a tool
Cuz' I offer you bliss

You really don't know your needs
I can understand you
In you I will sow my seeds
I know that you will hear my pleads
And you will love me too

Your love is so valuable
And I will pay the price
My whole self is maluable
Though this makes hearts vunerable
I don't even think twice

You have come for me at last
But I feel I'm nervous
You're spell over me has cast
You have forgotten what was our past
I am but your service

You will leave me in the dust
Knee deep in this regret
"Please don't leave," you say you must
Was this love or just simply lust
I've loved you since we met

I, your's from the very start
Put my heart on the line
Gave myself, I gave my heart
In my life you have played your part
But you were never mine

Monday, April 18, 2011


Let's take some time
And rewind
Slow it down
Take off my frown
The sky bends low
With me in toe
To chase it
To face it
Hurried days
Stressed out ways
Push me deep
Low I steep
Night, it falls
Trapped by walls
Push to learn
But yet to yearn
For sun to shine
A breeze in line
And time to waste
No more Haste
Savor and taste
This time to waste



Friday, April 15, 2011

Feed me with music, I will live for a life time

Play to me, and only me
I breathe you in, open I take you
Give me one or play me three
My eyes are closed, but I can see

I fade away in the silence
Feed me with music, forever
Each note has been my guidance
And I, not the same since

I move with your expressions
Let ring your sad accents
These, your musical confessions
Cleaning all of your transgressions

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gliding Across Still Waters

I hold two lilies in my grasp
Both attract with sweet aroma
To keep the two would be my lapse
Yet love lulls me into a coma

I, immobilized by near rejection
Forget about the ones I hold
They, fooled by my deception
Time grows hot and I go cold

In haste, I decide your fate
I second guess my selection
Though I shouldn't let you wait
You still both have all of my affection

To the one I do not choose
My memory will go on fading
There's not a thing that you will lose
When I leave the water we've been wading

I set you into seas of open
I watch as your heart saunters
Release you to feel real emotion
You glide across still waters

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Art of Loving

I am but a seed
Freshly planted in the soil
Give me what I need
And never will I spoil
I'll be devoted, I'll be loyal

I am but a seed
I've been planted in your heart
Hoping this shall lead
To the learning of our part
As lovers and as art

I am but a seed
Take my hand and I'll grow
Bud, blossom, and bead
My vibrance will I show
And the world will finally know

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I dreamt that I was free from judgments
Free from time, and free from me
Free to make all of my adjustments
Free to linger, free to see

I dreamt that I was off from danger
Closed my eyes and leapt to shelter
I am my own, I am a stranger
Freed from all my helter- skelter

I dreamt that I now lay awake
Filled with hurt and rolling tears
No medicines that I can take
Lay in wait, with all my fears

Monday, April 4, 2011

Releasing it.

I hate it when I remember
That feeling that's so familiar
I hate it when I see your face
And think of all of my disgrace
I hate it when I see your car
And feel the pain that is my scar
I hate it that you went away
And that I couldn't ever make you stay
I hate it that I gave my heart
Why'd I ever let it start
I hate it when I hate what's me
I hate it worse when you can see

I am my decision.

A sweet, intense longing spouts out from within me.

Pushing towards a purpose, and pouring to my validation.

It trickles down, hitting the ground, and I crumble to it.

Falling in the out pouring of mine own self. I am consumed. I am submerged in my own sense of destitution.

Drowning in a sense of emptiness, I am wet with broken promise and soaked in unfulfilled dreams.

I am my own hatred and my own discontent.

I lay immersed in myself, and I am longing.

I am wishing.

I am my memories.

I am mine own deprecation.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Validation Through Representation

Let your heart sing
Let the expression of your soul ring out
Let it resound into the spaces of reality
Let it be heard
Let it travel to deaf ears
Let it be understood and realized
Let your heart sing out
Let it be valuable

Bury Basket

I wish I had a basket
For my troubles, that I'd carry
I'd relieve them from my mind
So happy wouldn't tarry
And if troubles are all gone
Then you know I wouldn't worry
I'd have clarity of life
And my eye's would never blurry

But what if it get's full
And really rather heavy
Because I worry quite a lot
And my troubles, there are many
Well I'd drop it in the river
Have my troubles scat and scurry
I'd never ever trouble
And I'd never ever worry

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Full Moon Song

Our love is like that of a moon
Filled to brim, and shining soon
I burst at the seams, and glow with light
Could exuding love not be right?
I the beacon, I your sight
I know you'll find me, through the night
I'll wait for you into day
I pray that you will find the way
I know for certain you'll hear my tune
For it's the cry of the full moon

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shards of Truth

I am your mirror

I am your pain

Once your accuser

Now the same

Rock in hand

Your glass will shatter

So will mine

So it won't matter

I'll walk away

Fade away

Let it fall

Where it may

Friday, February 11, 2011

With No Rain in Sight

Is it raining everywhere BUT here
Is the cool rush hitting you
Washing your face clean
Making your chest cold
And warming the inner layer of your skin

While I’m stuck under this pushed security
A boundary of sunlight
Where hopes are dry and thirsty
And happiness is scorched by disorientation
The place of barren dreams

Or, is it coming
Is the rain flying towards me
Are the clouds glooming over me now
Is the passion I’ve lost falling, finding me
Will I be soaking it up soon
Will I be soaked

September 21, 2009...Micah Winter


I can smell it
Regret and a negative disposition
I can smell it
Loneliness and yearning
I can smell it

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now is drifting away...hopefully.

I’ll retire in a sleepy state

And Wake again another day

Tomorrow is a cleaner slate

Pack my bags and drift away

Another world is chasing me

And I can’t keep it at bay

My eyes will close so I can see

The bringings of a different day

Dawn will rise behind a cloud

Pushing back my disarray

Stripping back my fearful shroud

Painting over shades of grey

Patiently I sit in waiting

For the tears to roll away

Until that time, I’ll go on hating

This state of sorrow, Where I lay

Monday, February 7, 2011

The incomparable Jessye Norman:

"To live artfully is, to me, the whole purpose of life's journey. For you all know that creativity, artful living, equal[s] self knowledge. This knowledge can lead to wisdom, and wisdom to the understanding of others, and this understanding undoubtedly leads to tolerance. Tolerance and compassion for those around us, and those oceans away, who after all possess the same depth of spirit as we. And in this modern society Art may be the only source that invites this model for living. 'Movers and shakers of the world' indeed. Let's all try it. Art brings us together as a family because it is an individual expression of universal human experience. We have so much more in common than we acknowledge. Expressions through Art come from that part of us that is without fear, prejudice, malice, or any of the other things that we create in order to separate ourselves one from the other. Art makes us whole by existing, by insisting that we use all of our senses- our heads and our hearts. That we express with our voices, our hands, our bodies, as well as with our minds. We are all the better for Art being a part of our lives."- Jessye Norman

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Heart Start

Dropped to darkness

It’s pushed away

Swept up in guilt

And hid from day

Drowned in shame

And there to stay

I dressed my bed

And here I lay

But in the night

My dreams are new

The morning burst

With morning dew

The skies roll back

With seas of blue

The dawn, it breaks

And shows me you