Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Steadfast Prayer

It is in your voice
“Do you pray?”
Do I have a say?
Have I got a choice?

It seeps in my reply
“I’m alive, anyway.
Had I wanted not to pray
I would need but to die.”

“Who do you call on?”
My heart, I suppose
To the world I compose
The earth I will rest on

It is all I may see
An action in perpetuation
Life is just communication
A prayer to be free
“To the boldness of me.”

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Living higher than smoke from the fire.

It is after now
A probable moment
Barely considered
Who could give thought to the ash
While the fire burns
Choking on cold air
Our desires would have warmed me
For a lifetime
But I didn't stifle the flame
It would grow quite large
Once fueled by our passions
It ignited with blame

But I am now
I am present
I am one
Forgiving me for any damage
I've done
Sometimes it is safer
Just to drown it in the distance
Naturally, I'll go back there
Consider all that I have lost
Remnants of a love that's rare
All we are is ash in air