Saturday, September 24, 2011

Neutral, Natural, Needs improvement.

I keep attempting to keep my life in the neutral. There are so many issues that are coming to the for front of our society. Each one of theses issues require decisions to be made. Each one of theses issues push you to a battling side, a left or a right. They concrete us into a mold, where only then can we scream in unity, “I AM INDIVIDUAL”. We, as a society, only feel comfortable being “ourselves” when someone else is being it with us.

I do not care for definitions or labels. I do not yearn for a name tag telling the world who I am. Micah Winter is an ever changing, hopefully ever growing, personality. Though I can affirmatively answer some of these pointless view points, there are some questions that I may never have the answer to, and I am not looking for them. The answers that I do possess are mine, and I try fervently to keep them close to me. Most people would be surprised at how wrong I find them, but I have never understood why a political or religious view should keep me from a friend or a relative. There have been times, some which exist in the present, that I have kept myself a total secret from the outside world, if only to preserve relationships with people blinded by their own light and shackled with conviction.

Maya Angelou once said, “Love should liberate, never bind.” I think first we must liberate ourselves.

I will search for me, if you search for you.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Give Up

I have reached my low point, the very bottom, the place where it is just me. Alone I start to wonder if I could ever truly be alone, if I could ever really seclude myself. Do I own enough of my body to take it away from the world. Do I conduct my body, or am I a pawn? Do I have a say in the goings on in my life, or does the Higher Power direct my life?

I picture myself in this cave in the side of a cliff, overlooking a vast ocean. There is no clear way out, so I sit down. On the cold stone, the humbleness rushes over me. I feel in my gut, the pit of my stomach, the meekness. It is the feeling of a captive, a slave to the light breeze on my cheek. I am at the mercy of such a great span of water. A great span that I cannot manage, I cannot control. There in the stillness. I must be silent, I must drink in the knowledge that I am nothing, yet I am valuable. I am not God. I breathe in the ocean air and I wonder. And I whisper three words, “I give up.”

Monday, September 12, 2011


I watch your feet move to and fro
Where you move, there I will go
Serendipity be a lie
Left to fate this runs awry
Practice perfect, that I did
Knew it since I was a kid
Yet now I'm here and less prepared
I see your face and you look scared
My heart is bruised with every beat
By critics seated in their seats
I catch your eye, and slow down
Pirouette and turn around
Through the air I see you dive
I leap on four and land on five
Pleading for you just to stay
Pursuing you with each plie
But clearly you were meant to be
Unlimited, completely free
So, I bow from the dance
That was once our sweet romance

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I am but a child
Spiritually young and growing
I am nothing wild
Yet I go not knowing
Who I am

I am an autumn leaf
Matured, and not so binding
I am safe and cautious
Tripped and now I'm finding
Who I am

I am but a shadow
Trailing someone kind
I am quite determined
Hoping just to find
Who I am

I am what is now
Pulsing through the present
I am permanent
The teacher and the student
I am individual
Steadfast in that way
I am individual
And I am here to say
Who I am