Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Validation Through Representation

Let your heart sing
Let the expression of your soul ring out
Let it resound into the spaces of reality
Let it be heard
Let it travel to deaf ears
Let it be understood and realized
Let your heart sing out
Let it be valuable

Bury Basket

I wish I had a basket
For my troubles, that I'd carry
I'd relieve them from my mind
So happy wouldn't tarry
And if troubles are all gone
Then you know I wouldn't worry
I'd have clarity of life
And my eye's would never blurry

But what if it get's full
And really rather heavy
Because I worry quite a lot
And my troubles, there are many
Well I'd drop it in the river
Have my troubles scat and scurry
I'd never ever trouble
And I'd never ever worry

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Full Moon Song

Our love is like that of a moon
Filled to brim, and shining soon
I burst at the seams, and glow with light
Could exuding love not be right?
I the beacon, I your sight
I know you'll find me, through the night
I'll wait for you into day
I pray that you will find the way
I know for certain you'll hear my tune
For it's the cry of the full moon