Sunday, January 24, 2016

Of Time and Tenderness

You are constant
and since birth you've been
living and dying. Thousands of times
you have let yourself
about death and its boundaries. The truth is
that you are borderless.
You are wild,
flower, and you've experienced
the great give and take. Death
no one. Who is safe
from the great, perpetual evolving
of time and its tenderness?

Monday, January 18, 2016


We have to be diligent
in the nurturing of our feelings.
Remind yourself, consciously,
that forgiveness is inward.
Be wary taking food from understanding
and giving it to anger.
Resentment of others is self-harm.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


What is black and what is white?
You say my name, your hands feel tight. How's the taste? And does it feel right?
Cause we fight, and we frighten
me. But I feel close, will you enlighten
me. Do you love when I'm calling
you? Do I sound sort of new to
you? Still above what you always
Or does my body just cloud the view?
Cause you're pulsing in my temples now,
and there's seven billion samples. Wow. Trembling. Experiencing. Never knowing
if you want this thing. Accepting every bag you bring.
Never knowing if you love my clinging.
Lay it down.
Don't take it back.
Because I'm here and we can make anything that we lack.
I'm sincere. I'm here.