Monday, October 31, 2011

Visage User

Face of sunshine and honesty
Painted from the heart
I looked at you with faithful clarity
Beginning at the start

Before I noticed the disguise
I built you up an alter
Gazing with my child eyes
You began to falter

Your sweet smile did not bode
Of a swift rejection
All the faithfulness I sowed
Smoldered by imperfection

From our time you birth disgrace
But yet my heart will tremble
Did you really change, sweet face
Or is my heart just fickle

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Our guilt brings us conscience
Shame feeds a flame
Heat from wicked hearts
Burning in the blame

Guilt pushes toward forgiveness
Shame towards despair
Doesn't matter who you are
Or even why you're there

Guilt is a reflection pool
Shame lacks veracity
But we always feel our shame
At our heart's capacity

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pleading to a Childhood Lost

Swaying are the memories now
Falling are we to no set tempo
Push me into relief and carelessness
Blissful moments sweet and far
Distant and current
Relevant and childish
Calm me with outburst of joy
And linger
Pause our swirling adolescent whirlwind
Relieve me of maturity 's burden
Let us drift into unforeboding times
And sing
With syrupy voice and honest timbre
Seep into my core through my ears
Your life harmonizing mine with delicate accents
Freeing me with swift mercies
Cunning is a crafty cadence
Mistakenly we create regret
Love and loss for one another
Far from swinging with my brother

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sorry is What Sorry Gets

I am calm and sturdily set
Projected are my burdens
Relieved myself of all regret
Forgave all my transgressions
I recognize your emotions
But I plunge into salvation
Drifting from annihilation

Birthing in me, self respect
Sanitizing my sanity
Solution is to neglect
Opening up opportunity
Value in authenticity
Pushing for validity
Swimming for reality