Sunday, September 29, 2013

Bubbly Wine

Speak to me softly
With the words of your hands 
Pitter patter love me 
 And know I understand 
Your hands 
The soft tones of your hands
Don't let me grow older 
Let us fall as we stand 
Whisper to me 
Your love and your brand

Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Last night, I cut away my hair
Beat my bones till they were bare
Saw the fact that you were scared
Saw your eyes and that they cared

Now you see my dark and true
You see the black I have for you 
But the realization of its worth
Will lead us to our second birth

Thursday, September 5, 2013

A year with Jon David.

The beginnings of any romance are the easiest. It isn't hard to lust after the unknown, or to want the newest available model. Too many, I think, confuse this with the sweetest part of it all. Yeah sure, there are the prolonged glances, the smiles caught by the corner of your eye. At the beginning your heart will pound with nerves and exhilaration, you'll be nervous.  You'll be blind and happy. But, as any mother will tell you, the birth of it isn't the best part. 
I met Jon David Sanders on September the 6th, 2012. He had contacted me on Facebook to see if I would sing at the Cafe he was managing. Being out of work and in need of money, I counter offered with being a waiter and singing on request(which I never did). I got lost finding the place, 75 minutes from where I lived at the time, and was ten minutes late. I stumbled in the front door and there he was. Taller than I was, beautiful blonde hair covering his face, the biggest pearly smile, and piercingly grey-blue eyes. And I was taken. By his smile, by his delicate mannerisms, by his deep southern draw, I was taken. We met up every night after work. Then, we met every night in general. He took me to the best thrift stores, the best places to eat, taught me everything there was in my new big city. He met all of my friends, my family, smiled and spoke to anyone I said I liked. He constantly bought things he heard me talk about.
And yes, it was completely sweet. If I could describe the taste of that time it'd be nectar, but it wasn't by far the best of it all. The best I had to wait on. The best moments were when he cried, when he trusted me to be weak. The best moments were when he laughed, and I was the source. The best moments were when it wasn't sexual but it was intimate, and it was close. The best moments were when it was boring and safe. The best of it all were the expectations, the responsibility we had to this thing that was bigger than ourselves. 
This relationship is past it's dawn, but I have been enjoying the morning.
I love you, Jon David.