Saturday, September 24, 2011

Neutral, Natural, Needs improvement.

I keep attempting to keep my life in the neutral. There are so many issues that are coming to the for front of our society. Each one of theses issues require decisions to be made. Each one of theses issues push you to a battling side, a left or a right. They concrete us into a mold, where only then can we scream in unity, “I AM INDIVIDUAL”. We, as a society, only feel comfortable being “ourselves” when someone else is being it with us.

I do not care for definitions or labels. I do not yearn for a name tag telling the world who I am. Micah Winter is an ever changing, hopefully ever growing, personality. Though I can affirmatively answer some of these pointless view points, there are some questions that I may never have the answer to, and I am not looking for them. The answers that I do possess are mine, and I try fervently to keep them close to me. Most people would be surprised at how wrong I find them, but I have never understood why a political or religious view should keep me from a friend or a relative. There have been times, some which exist in the present, that I have kept myself a total secret from the outside world, if only to preserve relationships with people blinded by their own light and shackled with conviction.

Maya Angelou once said, “Love should liberate, never bind.” I think first we must liberate ourselves.

I will search for me, if you search for you.

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