Friday, July 15, 2016


Can you feel me when I'm untouchable
Too many songs in your old hymnal
Too susceptible, what's acceptable
Every action, reaction so contractual
Teach me, grab me, this wine's insatiable
Every moment fleeting and moving and seasonal
You are chemical
You are relatable
It's love that ain't reliable
You say I'm immature
I say that we're compatible
Is this argument sexual, as usual
You say my words, it's not contextual
Feelings are feelings, feelings are factual
I feel flavorful, you feel logical
I loved you when I first saw you, fuck I'm gullible
Too susceptible, fuck what's acceptable
Obsessions aren't nuptials
Love is congenital
Not natural
You are the paper, I'm not legible

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Red Lounge

And she's working at the lounge tonight
Got a smile but it don't feel just right
She's got on her heels and got on her tights
Six inch wedge but it don't help her height
Her eyes are full and her feet feel light
Shot one, shot five, go up, go live
We don't live, we strive
We dive

The truth is still a blurry sight
Yeah, she working at the lounge tonight
Check her concealer, you'll see it's right
A girl comes in and gets her light
Check her concealer, it's right
It's 3, it's late, it's quiet, it's fate
Won't pick it up tonight, the weight
She'll wait

She's serving at the lounge tonight

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Now, Look

Hey boy
You still smell familiar
Come on, pull in clearer
It's still me, it's still me
Hey boy
Quit ya looking in the mirror
I still hold you dearer
More than anybody, anybody
Hey boy
Do you volunteer
To just investigate me nearer
It's still me, it's still me