Tuesday, December 24, 2013


I found my resolve 
Spitting at my peace 
Grabbing at that clock
The one I nailed up there 
The one I watch 
As it watches 
I found my resolve
I slipped into it 
With its rapid underbelly 
Pulling me breathlessly 
It gave me fear 
Of choking 
Of the drag
I found my resolve
And it promised nothing 
And took everything 

Friday, December 20, 2013

This Bliss

I know what God looks like 
That smile when I met you
The laughter that we shared 
How my cheeks burned
I have seen God before
In those frequent moments 
When our eyes meet 
When they really know each other 
I've felt God before
In the dead of the night
When your hands are there
When the grasp for me
I know who God is
And it in this
This bliss

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

I Am Big

I am big
Going way deeper 
Than the weight of my voice 
I am big
Stretching past the sun
And into that blackness 
I am bigger 
Than my eyes 
Than places they have seen 
And all that they have witnessed 
I am more 
Than what I've been given 
And certainly, I am more
Than what I have given 
I am there 
Where you've realized 
Your weakness 
I am there 
When you know 
Your strength 
I am big