Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Brewing

A warm wind is brewing, The traveling force of green pastures, flowers, and the sweetly, over-powering smell of honeysuckle is rushing to meet us. A brighter sun is traveling. A cooler, refreshing rain will cover us, blanket the ground, but in pollen. Windows will open, sleeves will get shorter, and hopes will soar. The Earth will start to heal, to repair the anguish of a raging Winter. And, in turn, our hearts will heal. Our souls will start an eruption of creativity, the type of thinking and loving only done when Spring comes. It will sweep us away like the floods of a thousand rivers. We will live. Glimpses of hummingbirds will teach us the meaning of a companion. The rebirth of a lost vibrant color will teach us restoration. We will live, Spring will give us no option. the trees will grow, the sky will return turquoise. We will live and we will be happy. It's brewing.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blooming and Yearning

Petals bloom, petals fall, and snow melts away. Leaves change, blow in burst of wind, all the while breaking apart to nothing. But as for me, I stand here through the temperature highs and bitter lows. I stand through the seasons, I watch the seasons. I stand, unchanged by them all. I am my own heart. I am dieing, I am beating, I'm hurting, I'm loving. I reveal myself through the paintings of life, the landscapes of the countryside, the skyline of the urban. I show up in the great works of others, in the face of a pretty girl. I am in the music that makes me sob, and the underlying beats that make me feel alive. I am my own heart, excluding my brain. I am my heart, and I am heavy. A burden...a gift of a life. There is no safety net, I free fall through my body. I am my own heart, and I ache for forgiveness. I am my own heart, and I need you.

"I see skies of blue

Clouds of white

Bright blessed days

Dark sacred nights

And I think to myself...what a wonderful world!"

Monday, February 15, 2010

A Rocky Future

Who am I?
Am I defined by the college I attend?
Or the money I have?
Or the superficial talents I have acquired?
Who am I?
Will I be seen at face value?
Does a high school diploma make me less of a person, than that of the collegiate?

What defines who I am?
Who defines who I am?

Will I still make a difference?

"I love you.." "Don't worry."'s hard.