Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And I sigh.

Let me be who I be

And not who I’m surrounded by

Are you lame, or can’t you see

That I refuse to breathe a lie

I’ll defy

I choose not to live to die

I’m the guy

Who can fly

At least the one that will try

Let me be who I be

And you won’t ever ask me why

Leave me so my mind is free

You don’t have to say goodbye

You may cry

And that’s the very reason why

I’ll deny

Reach the sky

Break free of all that you did tie

Monday, May 9, 2011


You are my imagination
But I'm caught in love's gestation
Who pushed this into creation
And is it a legit sensation
You are the object of my temptation
You have caused inward mutation
Throwing me into frustration
I reach out from that damnation
Holding on to my salvation
I will pull a full rotation
Magically cause your deflation
And I'll live through love's duration
I will rid myself of your fixation
Hideaway my heart's location
To hold against cultivation
You were not my aspiration
So I run with desperation
All for my own conservation