Saturday, September 29, 2012

My Best Moment

Somedays I worry
If it will happen
The climax
My pinnacle
Is it today?
Is today the day that I am
My best
Is there a day in the future
Where I look back
And say
"I wish I was then
I wish I was as capable
I yearn for my own
I want for that time
The moment I was
All of me."

Friday, September 28, 2012

The Plea of the World

I don't have music
Playing when I'm alone
But I do listen
I do give attention
Lending my ear to the cricket
In the early morning
He plays
He gives a song of searching
Of longing
For love
Maybe he's been searching an entire evening
The tune grows desperate
A bird
Belting good morning
Gives the cricket pause
Yet he begins again
Or with a greater fear
Perhaps the poison of seclusion
The bird
Changes its melody
It is strident
And more keen
Quick and more primal
The bird searches
But the cricket is relentless
He has waited and invested
His time
The two duet
Out of hunger
Out of familiarity
The bird stops
The cricket's solo
Goes from longing
To telling
From pitiful
To relatable

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The shadow.

My shadow is
me on the world.
A light shade,
a glimmer of my whole self
lying for the world
to see,
to wonder at.
I wait for it
to embed into the Earth.
Some days the light is pale.
Somedays I ask
if I will ever see
that dusky depiction of me,
reflected on the pavement.
Maybe I don't stand so tall.
Maybe the light is falling
just over my shoulder.
Somedays there just isn't enough
of me.
Somedays I'm looking for someone to stand next to.
Somedays I'm looking
to cast a bigger shadow.