Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I had a moment today.
One of those "shimmering shards of self-assurance" moments.
I stopped to save a small turtle in the road that I was very close to killing. I named the turtle MICAH. It was riding the center of the road, very close to one side but still at the point where one could argue that it was in both lanes simultaneously. I worried about the turtle and moved him into the grass, but I wonder if that's where he was going, and if I did him a disservice by putting him there. Though, there really is no way of knowing, he was barely moving...if he was moving at all.
I bestowed upon him my name. I often feel as though I am in-between two lanes of traffic, a dangerous situation. It would undoubtedly take ages to get to one side of the road that I'm on, and I fear stepping all the way in one lane would mean disaster. But I would starve my spirit by riding the middle.
There is nothing more dangerous than safety.

You can't have me

You can't give me what I need
Tried so hard, but you can't lead
I your vessel of despair
Will break free, I'll leave you there
You pour in me all your pain
But I will not go insane
Let this tiger out it's cage
There are little words to say
Boundless, I'll be free again
Through with paying for your sin

Observation From the Sidelines

I once knew a girl who lived
Expressions on a horn she'd blow
Expressions that the world would know
Followed where her heart would go

I once knew a girl who lived
Brash, erratic, like the sea
Dangerous, but scared of thee
She gave all her love to me

I once knew a girl who lived
We grabbed hands and held them tight
Valiantly battled through our plight
But she was lured into the night

I once knew a girl who lived
Who's laughter was infectious
Who's smile was contagious
Lost to the outrageous

I once knew a girl who lived
Who wouldn't ever know it
Who tried her best to love it
Who tried her best to show it

Ode to her bright sorrow.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

My dear.

I will hold your picture frame
Even when you're gone
Though my heart won't be the same
We have reached our dawn

Your face will look and gleam at me
And I might shed a tear
For through your face my eyes did see
And look past all my fear

I'll hang you on my wall, my dear
So all the people know
That once love made my mind think clear
Through your face and glow

It passes.

I knew a girl who'd stand in rain
To rid herself of all her pain
From her face the tears would roll
Combined with rain to clean her soul
She could smile with delight
Shield herself, lose her sight
But she will pick it up tomorrow
And she will hold on to her sorrow
She'll put it back within it's place
Lock with-in her, her disgrace

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Futile Efforts to Undermine

You may push against me now
Know you're but resistance
An eagle with one wing
You fall
I will soar above you
Shant neva hit no wall
Lifted above situation
Know I am the tall
You can't push me down
AH ha
You are but resistance
Let me give you some assurance
Though you're but a nuisance
Fly in my coffee
Grain in my eye
Learn to speak
And not to lie
From these social wounds
You die
Yet I keep living
By and by
The ground you hit will be reality
Stand up!
And grab your sanity
Surely you will go the distance
Surpassing all this world's resistance