Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Come away with me you fool
I'll be your oasis
From the hot I give you cool
Take rest in me, don't be a tool
Cuz' I offer you bliss

You really don't know your needs
I can understand you
In you I will sow my seeds
I know that you will hear my pleads
And you will love me too

Your love is so valuable
And I will pay the price
My whole self is maluable
Though this makes hearts vunerable
I don't even think twice

You have come for me at last
But I feel I'm nervous
You're spell over me has cast
You have forgotten what was our past
I am but your service

You will leave me in the dust
Knee deep in this regret
"Please don't leave," you say you must
Was this love or just simply lust
I've loved you since we met

I, your's from the very start
Put my heart on the line
Gave myself, I gave my heart
In my life you have played your part
But you were never mine

Monday, April 18, 2011


Let's take some time
And rewind
Slow it down
Take off my frown
The sky bends low
With me in toe
To chase it
To face it
Hurried days
Stressed out ways
Push me deep
Low I steep
Night, it falls
Trapped by walls
Push to learn
But yet to yearn
For sun to shine
A breeze in line
And time to waste
No more Haste
Savor and taste
This time to waste



Friday, April 15, 2011

Feed me with music, I will live for a life time

Play to me, and only me
I breathe you in, open I take you
Give me one or play me three
My eyes are closed, but I can see

I fade away in the silence
Feed me with music, forever
Each note has been my guidance
And I, not the same since

I move with your expressions
Let ring your sad accents
These, your musical confessions
Cleaning all of your transgressions

Monday, April 11, 2011

Gliding Across Still Waters

I hold two lilies in my grasp
Both attract with sweet aroma
To keep the two would be my lapse
Yet love lulls me into a coma

I, immobilized by near rejection
Forget about the ones I hold
They, fooled by my deception
Time grows hot and I go cold

In haste, I decide your fate
I second guess my selection
Though I shouldn't let you wait
You still both have all of my affection

To the one I do not choose
My memory will go on fading
There's not a thing that you will lose
When I leave the water we've been wading

I set you into seas of open
I watch as your heart saunters
Release you to feel real emotion
You glide across still waters

Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Art of Loving

I am but a seed
Freshly planted in the soil
Give me what I need
And never will I spoil
I'll be devoted, I'll be loyal

I am but a seed
I've been planted in your heart
Hoping this shall lead
To the learning of our part
As lovers and as art

I am but a seed
Take my hand and I'll grow
Bud, blossom, and bead
My vibrance will I show
And the world will finally know

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I dreamt that I was free from judgments
Free from time, and free from me
Free to make all of my adjustments
Free to linger, free to see

I dreamt that I was off from danger
Closed my eyes and leapt to shelter
I am my own, I am a stranger
Freed from all my helter- skelter

I dreamt that I now lay awake
Filled with hurt and rolling tears
No medicines that I can take
Lay in wait, with all my fears

Monday, April 4, 2011

Releasing it.

I hate it when I remember
That feeling that's so familiar
I hate it when I see your face
And think of all of my disgrace
I hate it when I see your car
And feel the pain that is my scar
I hate it that you went away
And that I couldn't ever make you stay
I hate it that I gave my heart
Why'd I ever let it start
I hate it when I hate what's me
I hate it worse when you can see

I am my decision.

A sweet, intense longing spouts out from within me.

Pushing towards a purpose, and pouring to my validation.

It trickles down, hitting the ground, and I crumble to it.

Falling in the out pouring of mine own self. I am consumed. I am submerged in my own sense of destitution.

Drowning in a sense of emptiness, I am wet with broken promise and soaked in unfulfilled dreams.

I am my own hatred and my own discontent.

I lay immersed in myself, and I am longing.

I am wishing.

I am my memories.

I am mine own deprecation.