Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Come away with me you fool
I'll be your oasis
From the hot I give you cool
Take rest in me, don't be a tool
Cuz' I offer you bliss

You really don't know your needs
I can understand you
In you I will sow my seeds
I know that you will hear my pleads
And you will love me too

Your love is so valuable
And I will pay the price
My whole self is maluable
Though this makes hearts vunerable
I don't even think twice

You have come for me at last
But I feel I'm nervous
You're spell over me has cast
You have forgotten what was our past
I am but your service

You will leave me in the dust
Knee deep in this regret
"Please don't leave," you say you must
Was this love or just simply lust
I've loved you since we met

I, your's from the very start
Put my heart on the line
Gave myself, I gave my heart
In my life you have played your part
But you were never mine

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