Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Tranquil Times

For the past few mornings
I could be seen with you
Tracing every line
Treasuring every memory on your face
I run my fingers over your laughter
All the smiles you have offered out
The happiness you presented, selflessly
To the world and in spite of the gods
Carefully I outline every sunrise
Every morning you allowed yourself
To breath in the open air
To bathe in the Sun's burning hand
If caution can be spelled
It reads like a vapor
Dissipating on your cheek
My soft fingers run over a life
Outlining long nights in smoke
I follow you trembling
Knowing that you are reality
Realizing that these eyes
Though closed in repose
Once buckled under heartbreak
Once flooded with uncertainty
As my hand records your everything
I wonder if this could be prayer
A message in thanks for this harbor
An oasis in a desert world
When will we return to the real?

Saturday, November 24, 2012

I Think You're Strong

I think you're strong
You have a courageous ability
The force of a gentle spirit
I think you're strong
Yet, not for the lack of your smallness
I think you're strong
But it's in your kindness
Echoed in my calmness
Yeah, I think you're strong
And not for a mighty hand
Or for Darwin's theory, or on whom you stand
It's your meekness
A smile to cut the pettiness
It's all for your willingness
To love
I think you're strong

Friday, November 16, 2012

To my Jon David

You spin my mind
Into daunting shades of blush
Hues of the perfect
Poetic promise
Of life and the forever
Shade me from
A cruel reality
Yet, only with you in the actual
Gallantly you stride
Over the hot coals
I provided as my past
With out fear you come
For me
For my red stains
You give to me
"I love you"
And the tears travel
Seeping down every definition
Flooding vision and visage
All with hope
Confidence in tomorrow
There has been a world
Full of the admirers
And plenty are the admired
It is not for the lack of them
I do not yearn for the multitudes
It is the one and the unparalleled
It's you

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Gift of Adoration

I feel like silk
Someone has taken their time
To experience me
To run their fingertips
With a slow, delicate hand
As if I were the last
A single drop of honey
I have been savored
And with just the eyes
The truthful gaze of this
Man of my power
Comes the release
The snatch of the veil
A breath from self deception
I am the moon
Singing to the night
"I am real
Regard me"