Thursday, February 17, 2011

Shards of Truth

I am your mirror

I am your pain

Once your accuser

Now the same

Rock in hand

Your glass will shatter

So will mine

So it won't matter

I'll walk away

Fade away

Let it fall

Where it may

Friday, February 11, 2011

With No Rain in Sight

Is it raining everywhere BUT here
Is the cool rush hitting you
Washing your face clean
Making your chest cold
And warming the inner layer of your skin

While I’m stuck under this pushed security
A boundary of sunlight
Where hopes are dry and thirsty
And happiness is scorched by disorientation
The place of barren dreams

Or, is it coming
Is the rain flying towards me
Are the clouds glooming over me now
Is the passion I’ve lost falling, finding me
Will I be soaking it up soon
Will I be soaked

September 21, 2009...Micah Winter


I can smell it
Regret and a negative disposition
I can smell it
Loneliness and yearning
I can smell it

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Now is drifting away...hopefully.

I’ll retire in a sleepy state

And Wake again another day

Tomorrow is a cleaner slate

Pack my bags and drift away

Another world is chasing me

And I can’t keep it at bay

My eyes will close so I can see

The bringings of a different day

Dawn will rise behind a cloud

Pushing back my disarray

Stripping back my fearful shroud

Painting over shades of grey

Patiently I sit in waiting

For the tears to roll away

Until that time, I’ll go on hating

This state of sorrow, Where I lay

Monday, February 7, 2011

The incomparable Jessye Norman:

"To live artfully is, to me, the whole purpose of life's journey. For you all know that creativity, artful living, equal[s] self knowledge. This knowledge can lead to wisdom, and wisdom to the understanding of others, and this understanding undoubtedly leads to tolerance. Tolerance and compassion for those around us, and those oceans away, who after all possess the same depth of spirit as we. And in this modern society Art may be the only source that invites this model for living. 'Movers and shakers of the world' indeed. Let's all try it. Art brings us together as a family because it is an individual expression of universal human experience. We have so much more in common than we acknowledge. Expressions through Art come from that part of us that is without fear, prejudice, malice, or any of the other things that we create in order to separate ourselves one from the other. Art makes us whole by existing, by insisting that we use all of our senses- our heads and our hearts. That we express with our voices, our hands, our bodies, as well as with our minds. We are all the better for Art being a part of our lives."- Jessye Norman