Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I had a moment today.
One of those "shimmering shards of self-assurance" moments.
I stopped to save a small turtle in the road that I was very close to killing. I named the turtle MICAH. It was riding the center of the road, very close to one side but still at the point where one could argue that it was in both lanes simultaneously. I worried about the turtle and moved him into the grass, but I wonder if that's where he was going, and if I did him a disservice by putting him there. Though, there really is no way of knowing, he was barely moving...if he was moving at all.
I bestowed upon him my name. I often feel as though I am in-between two lanes of traffic, a dangerous situation. It would undoubtedly take ages to get to one side of the road that I'm on, and I fear stepping all the way in one lane would mean disaster. But I would starve my spirit by riding the middle.
There is nothing more dangerous than safety.

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