Thursday, January 26, 2012

You Must Tear Muscle to Grow It

The actions will define the speech
Speak less, and we shall reach
Distinction of character

Excuses are the exchange of boulders
I push my burdens on a new holder
Falsifying achievements

Surely, you may bury mistakes
Rooting yourself in deception aches
You will just grow pain

Owning faults is owning you
Life's about soul solitude
Personal Evolution

Kind words are flickering flames
Signaling someone to do the same
Set fire to the world

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dusk may come, but we are young.

With every soft and supple smile, you hold me. I hope you hold me. You plant a sickness in my abdomen. Every muscle in my body succumbs to the fever of your eyes. My pores open and sweat with the sight of your affectionate glance. An overwhelming thud in my chest will surely betray my brave and stolid face. If it were not for the pounding willingness pulsing through my body, I might think of your intentions. The touch of your fingers on my back are unquestionable. Swiftly, freely I give you my pride, gift you with my shame. Hot. HOT is the air, and I can not grasp it. I am not brave. I am not happy. I am not sad. I am not certain. You smile. A fervent feeling of serendipity delights and calms me. Nothing inside of me doubts you, or the fact that you will be with me as long as I need you. I need you.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Cloudy Consciousness

Hates a virus of the heart
That trickles in your speech
Bitter and a hasty word
Spoken with an evil power
Air to blood and word to leach

Tasteless words breakthrough our minds
But the strength falls to the meek
Stumbling through ill-tempered fog
Blind by vanity and pride
Anger makes you weak

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Obstruction Seduction

Targeting the eyes of many
I harvest validation
Feeding off a made up sense
Of personal confirmation
I will pick so many lies
A pool of fabrication
Then I'll drown within my prize
Of identity destruction
Floating far away from me
And into integration

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Free As a Bee

Dear little bumblebee
I kept you in a jar
Left inside, you'll never grow
Or realize who you are

Holes,I pushed in the lid
Gave glimpses of the show
But there are great, abounding places
That you have yet to know

It's for me, and it's for you
I put this to a stop
Now you'll see so many things
And never reach the top

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ballad of the Battered

The lady sings a smoky song
Of dead beat men, who did her wrong
In mournful tune, she'll tell you soon
That she will not be prey

But I'm familiar with the beat that's heard
The second time it sounds absurd
The bitter chorus, most surely shows us
Girl can't bare to stray

She will sing in grievous tones
All the while, hold to her stones
Yet, the audience waits, and let's her state
That she'll go far away

Monday, January 9, 2012

An Agreeable Goodbye

It dances near, yet far away
A spectator to the world
Painted sun meets rusted lips
As Earth meets light, and curls
From the wreckage of a kiss
Comes amorous clouds of yellow
Hoping to escape today
The desperate star does bellow
A heavy eye, the sun did have
And met the ground in sigh
Praying just to give, for now
An agreeable goodbye

Sunday, January 8, 2012

You Can Only Break The Broken

The world will try, with futile stab
To take your courage from you
Smile in the face of drab
And you'll be met with angry jab
Revel in their undo

Sunshine falls on every face
But only some will see
The others live in dark disgrace
And boy they like to share it
The world don't like to set you free
Looks like you'll have to take it

Far Off Ways Fill My Days

Flustered, standing on the edge
I look in desperation
My heart ran many miles here
And pulses for redemption
I stare deep into the void
Dense with disappointment
Feebly, though, I'll keep on waiting
Set on a reaction
When will my life's sunrise come
In form of your affection