Friday, December 16, 2016

Traveling with a Loved One

Techno beats ricochet off these hardwoods
in these hundred year old walls they bounce
off of you and then back to me. I'm back to you
and then back to me. I have a proclivity to the numbness
as it surrounds you with the smoke. I can feel it's energy
passing to you and back to me and to you and back to me.
My thoughts run existentially, yet through a tunnel. I leave
my focus on a loop. Focusing on you and then back to me.
I am back to you and then back to me. I have never felt sobriety
as fervently as when we are in the realm of its enemy.
Surely this is meditation, medication. You pass to me
and then it is back to you. And I'm back to you
and you're back to me.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

When You Sleep

You smile when you sleep
Push the world from you and me
When I leave you in the morning
My love grazes on your cheek
Yeah, you smile in your sleep
Surrounded by your honest
I release your hand from mine
But I leave you with my promise
Why do you smile when you sleep?
I have tried to understand
The world sets out to burn
And you're there holding out a hand
I've seen you smile in your sleep
And I've spoken of a promise
That you may continue on this journey
A gilded world, one that's flawless
You smile when you sleep

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Love is when you listen
And not only to reply
Love is when we speak our truth
And stray from seeking to gratify
Love is stark disagreement
But with the goal to find unity
Love is certain individuality
And that opens an opportunity
Because love has a goal
and it's to aid in self discovery
Love reveals no enemy
And lends to self recovery

Monday, October 10, 2016

October 11, 2016

I'll give my youth to you
My naive swagger in brand new spaces
My innocence as I learn to be gracious
I'll give my youth away
Give you every bit of what makes me vivacious
Share our time together before it imprints on our faces
I'll sacrifice my inexperience with all our embraces
Baby, if I give you my prime, will you promise to chase this
Because I'm already giving you my youth
You must know that we stand in spring
And the sand in the hourglass is all that I bring
There are no rules, and we could be anything
So, you be the queen and I'll be your king
Time comes to strike at us and love numbs the sting
I'll give my youth to you

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Shameful, Blame Full

Penetration and prostration
Sex is a careful negotiation
Fantasy meeting legitimacy
I have proclivity to intimacy
Damnation brewing hesitation
But there's education in the exploration
Baby, you pulsate while you masturbate
Allow me to liberate you while you ejaculate
A taste of my inheritance
Indication of your benevolence
Listen, I don't know who I am
But inside you, I feel my relevance
Morality steals our dignity
There's divinity in our activity
Pleasure nuances control and sensitivity
Inclinations meeting observations
Penetration and then enervation
Salvation and it's causation

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Divine Intention

You got my lipstick on your chin
And the flavor's smoke and gin
Got my hand creeping down your back
And that's only where I begin
Jealous people relate youth to sin
But I say my prayers, just skin to skin

So, you want to join with me and get tribal
It's holy, but it's primAl
They may never understand what we have planned
But our names aren't written in the bible
Your love is my revival
It's fare, it's rare, it's spiteful
If passion is the message, baby
I'll be your disciple

Friday, September 16, 2016


The lights and this blunt are low.
We could die today and the world won't know.
As I ride to the top, you want to catch my flow?
Because you could spit me out, but my flavor would grow.
between love and comfort there's a difference.
I know a queen understands my reverence.
When two sinners meet they should offer deliverance.
This body's a vessel and you're my experience.
It's dense,
this world that we were born inside.
Seven billion people, and what was my guide?
Everyday a tile in an aisle that leads to a bride.
There was a humongous big bang and our atoms collide??
Serendipity is an opportunity the universe provides.
Don't hide.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A Place on Earth

Heaven feels like you at night
Heaven fills my appetite
Heaven in your bleary eyes
Heaven is hour long good byes
Heaven happens naturally
Heaven is friendship, actually
Heaven in those moments where you feel inferior
Heaven are the times I've seen your interior
Heaven is a constant state of mind
Heaven keeps our hips aligned
Heaven in a hot September
Heaven is all I will remember

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Don't go home
without me
on your mind. What's
the use in losing
time? What's the right
thing to tell the
world? You are my
rope when I'm
unfurled. They make you
question all of
me. But they don't know
our privacy. So precious
is the current
hour. Dive into this
and it won't sour,
this power.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

You Said You Liked My Poetry

When you laugh, your ears get red
You cover up your mouth, and lean back your head
Laughing is "I love you and the things that you've said."
There is never silence when I'm with you
Dancing is when you say the most
The floors a map you move coast to coast
Then your hips sway, they slyly boast
And there is never silence when I'm with you
It's in your quiet I hear you loudest
Your faint gasp when you're trying to be modest
You can fool the world, but I know what's honest
There is never silence when I'm with you

Friday, August 19, 2016

In your quest to find yourself
Sympathy for others may confuse you
You may observe a valiant effort
But be wary, people use you

In your quest to find yourself
Listen out and understand
That not everyone who opens up
Comes specifically to lend a hand

With your quest to find yourself
It doesn't mean you love them less
When you turn the efforts inwardly
That's where you use your energy best

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

With every sip of your beer, I taste
the familiarity that's here, and I'll waste
the dream for the fear,  it's my waist
that had been held dear, but now we're spaced
out to where you seem clear,  have we faced
the fact that you don't bring me cheer, I've chased
the ideas that you revere, but you've phased
out to your own hemisphere, I'm displaced
even when I find you near.

Friday, August 5, 2016

No. I'm not in love no more.
"Got another picture, man?" How big
is the ego? "Yeah, what's my score?"
I hate myself and what I beg for,
and I absolutely can't love no more.
"Shoot me the address." "I'll stay
up late." Why is sex just another chore? Can I
breathe? "I'm here get the door."
All that used to glitter, bores.
"Yeah, you can touch, take, adore
me." Who is this person?
My eyes are sore.
If I stopped enjoying it, am I still a
No. No, I can't love anymore.
Not like the first time. The first time,
I remember everything that you wore. Nothing
like God on a dorm room floor.
But that was long ago, it was all way before.
Before I tasted all the wine in the store.
Love is a strange agreement, with sex at its core.
I really just can't love anymore.

Friday, July 15, 2016


Can you feel me when I'm untouchable
Too many songs in your old hymnal
Too susceptible, what's acceptable
Every action, reaction so contractual
Teach me, grab me, this wine's insatiable
Every moment fleeting and moving and seasonal
You are chemical
You are relatable
It's love that ain't reliable
You say I'm immature
I say that we're compatible
Is this argument sexual, as usual
You say my words, it's not contextual
Feelings are feelings, feelings are factual
I feel flavorful, you feel logical
I loved you when I first saw you, fuck I'm gullible
Too susceptible, fuck what's acceptable
Obsessions aren't nuptials
Love is congenital
Not natural
You are the paper, I'm not legible

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Red Lounge

And she's working at the lounge tonight
Got a smile but it don't feel just right
She's got on her heels and got on her tights
Six inch wedge but it don't help her height
Her eyes are full and her feet feel light
Shot one, shot five, go up, go live
We don't live, we strive
We dive

The truth is still a blurry sight
Yeah, she working at the lounge tonight
Check her concealer, you'll see it's right
A girl comes in and gets her light
Check her concealer, it's right
It's 3, it's late, it's quiet, it's fate
Won't pick it up tonight, the weight
She'll wait

She's serving at the lounge tonight

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Now, Look

Hey boy
You still smell familiar
Come on, pull in clearer
It's still me, it's still me
Hey boy
Quit ya looking in the mirror
I still hold you dearer
More than anybody, anybody
Hey boy
Do you volunteer
To just investigate me nearer
It's still me, it's still me

Tuesday, May 3, 2016


My belief in this world of contradictory actions
and personal loss, and definitely personal gain,
is to have my being compliment the confusion.
The opposite of a total truth is a total fallacy,
but sometimes two totally different ways are sound and plausible.
I guess, then, beliefs should be about infusion.
Who is religion? And, why did that being choose
this earth as its chosen home for its plight and even its joy?
I have more questions, am I too far from

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

No Silence

The river is low today
Wanna go but can't find the way
What's the way
Mind to panther, me to prey
The reverb of my think tank
The waves hitting the side of this bank
How long is this bank
This page was blank
Tell me who I am, I'm confused
And I'm getting the feeling I'm being used
I've used
Who have I bruised
And who decides where the river heads
I'd like a say in what I've said
What have I said

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Can I Publish This?

Sometimes I hold back
For fear that you won't understand me
Keep my words held
But it's like chains and I can't stand free
You don't always comprehend
Everything that I can do
But know in this world
I can count better and higher than two
There are one hundred different ways
In which I know how to be a man
But know there are stories
Countless authenticities that I have yet to understand
You claim me to everyone
I am completely held back from you
And I so admire you
But I fear that you fear my aptitude
We all are codependent
Yet, there is fruit in the loneliness
You smile, I smile
You aren't the root of my happiness

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dear John,

I fall in love with every one that I meet.
Discreet. In the deep chambers
of my brain, you're sweet
to me and my fantasies. So neat,
to not think on your discrepancies. Or greet
you with my honesties. The heat
of a stranger and none of the tragedies. The street
is just a well of possibilities.
I fall in love with every one that I meet.

Friday, April 15, 2016

How Nasty is Your Body?

How nasty is my body
And how do you get clean
Also, what do those words really mean

Suppressing yourself can hurt
And where does sexy lie
How do you feel when you gasp and sigh

Honestly, I love the drum
Resounding in my head
It helps me know that I'm not dead

The unconscious mind is
And perpetually will be
What is nasty, sexy, and free

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Spring in Genesis

Welcome to Eden
The fruit is sweet
But can you handle all my truth
As you begin to eat
Hot in Eden
With just bodies in the raw
Can you ever leave this space
And forget all that we saw
Together is Eden
There is an edge to our garden
Time could be our enemy
With distance, hearts harden

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Tom Lee Park

I came here to pray.
It will be my first time.
But I need soul solitude, ok?
And you're right, I have no idea what to say.
Or how high I jump, or how you pay...
But I need soul solitude, today.
Don't give me excuses if you can't help!
We've had our differences,
but you know how I've felt.
Whomever you are, you know what's dealt.
So lend your ear, and hear me belt.
I need soul solitude, heartfelt.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Dear Micah,

You aren't alone here
If you would stop spreading
Your worry and fear
Stop shouting in your capacious
Mind, you may hear
The world on the outside,
Too busy to care
About pasts, faults, and promises
Silence makes it clear
That we all hurt in our chest
And have burdens to bear
But if we see each other,
Honest, open, and aware
Of our similarities, our familiarity
You could remove that mask you wear
Painted with a sterness, a lovelessness
A defense you hold dear
And be open to possibility, to relatability
Your next frontier
I think you realize your true nature
Is to be positive, present, and here
Take off your gear

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Linda at Water's Edge

You faced me
There in the dark
In my dark
You faced me
And I saw your eyes
Reflecting my cries
You faced me
As the waves crashed
As my mind clashed
You faced me
You, aware of pain
With mouth on refrain
You faced me
Power in empathy
You hold your sympathy
You faced me

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

For a Quiet Morning

The universe is there for you
To pour over and over about
If you stand still in the stillness
Being careful with your projections
You may find a deep stranger
You see, I have seen myself
In nearly everyone that I have met
But to relate is not to own
Admiration should not become being
Who is your deep stranger

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Blame to Pay

I thought I was doing all I could to please you
I realize I sought mostly just to seize you
Stop you from growing, to freeze you
I wanted to hold you like a picture frame
Make sure you stayed with me, that you stayed the same
But stagnant air doesn't feed the flame
I don't think I have anger to spit anymore
It is alright to grow, to not fit anymore
And I'll put down the candle not lit anymore
I think now I know I have Blame to pay
It may take years to say all I have to say
But I do hope you read it, here or some way.... Someday

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


I am young, and I know that I'll get past this
I can be left alone to my own devices
People can deal with pain, but know gin suffices
Ain't got a million in the bank, but I have my vices
We can sober up, but we know that there are prices
And I know, I KNOW, you have some great advices
But be clear, no matter how it is you get to slice this
I'll be OK, if I can have my vices

Monday, March 14, 2016


I don't know who God is
I never met him
I may have seen him once
In the face of a person I know
A slight glimmer in their drunk eyes
I don't know who Muhammad is
He's never spoken to me
But perhaps I heard him
When someone said "Good morning"
Or "Thank you"
I don't know who Buddha is
Or Jesus
But I know myself
And I've met people
And that matters

Saturday, March 12, 2016

This is Real

Someone told me yesterday
That this wasn't even about me
That soon you come and you'd say
That this was real and I'd see
That you're there and you care
And you won't stray
That you're here and you're near
And I don't pay
Consequences, defenses
You're building fences
When did love become a thing
Where we disect expenses
Don't your remember the care in my eyes
I still feel your hand creeping down my thighs
But my intentions never matter
Not when anger arrives

Friday, March 11, 2016

Love Poem.2

My sensitivity
Blood in the water
Your teethy insecurities
We both grow smaller
I want to scream
From your mouth
So it's louder
I gave you my eyes
And you closed yours tighter
Please, tell me the truth
But know I'm a fighter
So many feelings
And such a big divider


When I said I loved you
I meant every word
But in this world
Lines get blurred
When you whisper your heart
Silence is heard
I reason with myself
But I'm sounding absurd

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Love and ecstasy
Fumes and memories
Clinging to everything
Including your veracity
What is forever
And do I have the capacity
Your being request all of me

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Salt in the Air

All I see is your eyes
That night in the smoke
Silence until a releasing sigh
No words to say, no words spoke
In and out
The moon's bathing us
You, me, and the flame
But there is so much to discuss
Are you scared I'll say the same
In and out and in
I fumble for your hand
Just to take my turn
Look in your eyes just like I planned
And now my throat starts to burn
In and out and in and out

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Of Time and Tenderness

You are constant
and since birth you've been
living and dying. Thousands of times
you have let yourself
about death and its boundaries. The truth is
that you are borderless.
You are wild,
flower, and you've experienced
the great give and take. Death
no one. Who is safe
from the great, perpetual evolving
of time and its tenderness?

Monday, January 18, 2016


We have to be diligent
in the nurturing of our feelings.
Remind yourself, consciously,
that forgiveness is inward.
Be wary taking food from understanding
and giving it to anger.
Resentment of others is self-harm.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016


What is black and what is white?
You say my name, your hands feel tight. How's the taste? And does it feel right?
Cause we fight, and we frighten
me. But I feel close, will you enlighten
me. Do you love when I'm calling
you? Do I sound sort of new to
you? Still above what you always
Or does my body just cloud the view?
Cause you're pulsing in my temples now,
and there's seven billion samples. Wow. Trembling. Experiencing. Never knowing
if you want this thing. Accepting every bag you bring.
Never knowing if you love my clinging.
Lay it down.
Don't take it back.
Because I'm here and we can make anything that we lack.
I'm sincere. I'm here.