Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Hey, you. How sweet do I taste?
Catch that drip, please don't waste.
Face to face. Face erased.
Fate defaced and love effaced.
What about my nuance? You used to chase.
Without purity, promise, a life in chaste?
Eyes misplaced with my silhouette to trace,
Remember that kiss....
                                   .......our birthplace.
Don't go too far, don't leave our space.
Please, will you just remember that taste?

Saturday, April 8, 2017


I'm valuable
when I got something to offer up.
I get nervous when they make you choose,
I lose,
I'm grabbing runners up.
Bottoms up, that's growing up.
If passion had a temperature,
I'm cold and I'm not burning up.
Sitting, fretting, letting, upsetting
Sweating until you ask "What's up?"
With most of what you say, I say
You are attempting to just clean it up.
I'm locking up,
emotionally stocking up.
I'm exhausted and thinking of letting up.
These conversations rarely had.
You'll read this with no follow up.

Saturday, April 1, 2017


Today I'm skinnier than I've ever been.
So, happiness must be around the bend?
Past participle of be.
If life has a ballot,
I'd vote absentee.
Absent, I spent me.
Cashed in all my individuality.
I'm her.
I'm he.
They want decisions.
No neutrality,
There is a winner.
No, Miss Congeniality.