Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fervent and a Hot Type Feeling

Our breathing in tandem
Your heart is in mine
Inhabiting what is all of me
Dragging me from insignificance
You are MY God
Show me your brilliance
Begging for my solid ground
Helplessly I doubt veracity
Selfishly lying with insanity
My promises fall short
But your love is long
Who I am is questionable
But who you are is perpetual

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dear Chunky Girl,

I took pride in knowing you
Who you are, and what you do
But I can not be a slave
Refuse oppression, take the grave
Now your actions make you stranger
All your words, filled with anger
Is it my fault I'm not you?
My fault I don't live on cue?
Distance is a dance for two
Where you lose me and I lose you
I feel I was but a flower
Gardened till the day I soured
Yet I can't and won't regret
No limitations you may set
I am me, and you can't take it
I am me, and you won't break it

With love,
Chunky Boy

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Golden Face

Glory pushes through the morning
Brilliance from what one's adorning
Purity, not a gilded feature
Affirmation for our future

I wonder if you bless the day
This tell of your wishful way
All before the dry of dew
Surely this, God gave to you

A grant for you like no other
Sent so you may wage the weather
With this notion you wipe clean
The slate of all that's yet unseen

Hoping for the greener pastures
Hopeful you will be enraptured
Clear to me, is your yearning
For you smile in the morning