Sunday, September 25, 2016

Divine Intention

You got my lipstick on your chin
And the flavor's smoke and gin
Got my hand creeping down your back
And that's only where I begin
Jealous people relate youth to sin
But I say my prayers, just skin to skin

So, you want to join with me and get tribal
It's holy, but it's primAl
They may never understand what we have planned
But our names aren't written in the bible
Your love is my revival
It's fare, it's rare, it's spiteful
If passion is the message, baby
I'll be your disciple

Friday, September 16, 2016


The lights and this blunt are low.
We could die today and the world won't know.
As I ride to the top, you want to catch my flow?
Because you could spit me out, but my flavor would grow.
between love and comfort there's a difference.
I know a queen understands my reverence.
When two sinners meet they should offer deliverance.
This body's a vessel and you're my experience.
It's dense,
this world that we were born inside.
Seven billion people, and what was my guide?
Everyday a tile in an aisle that leads to a bride.
There was a humongous big bang and our atoms collide??
Serendipity is an opportunity the universe provides.
Don't hide.

Monday, September 12, 2016

A Place on Earth

Heaven feels like you at night
Heaven fills my appetite
Heaven in your bleary eyes
Heaven is hour long good byes
Heaven happens naturally
Heaven is friendship, actually
Heaven in those moments where you feel inferior
Heaven are the times I've seen your interior
Heaven is a constant state of mind
Heaven keeps our hips aligned
Heaven in a hot September
Heaven is all I will remember

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Don't go home
without me
on your mind. What's
the use in losing
time? What's the right
thing to tell the
world? You are my
rope when I'm
unfurled. They make you
question all of
me. But they don't know
our privacy. So precious
is the current
hour. Dive into this
and it won't sour,
this power.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

You Said You Liked My Poetry

When you laugh, your ears get red
You cover up your mouth, and lean back your head
Laughing is "I love you and the things that you've said."
There is never silence when I'm with you
Dancing is when you say the most
The floors a map you move coast to coast
Then your hips sway, they slyly boast
And there is never silence when I'm with you
It's in your quiet I hear you loudest
Your faint gasp when you're trying to be modest
You can fool the world, but I know what's honest
There is never silence when I'm with you