Friday, March 5, 2010

The Water Rolled to Meet Me Once

The water rolled to meet me once

Once, the water fell to reach me

Our hearts were a love affair once

Passion, fury you'll never see

Because the water swirled to me once

Once, we were consumed by lust

It would chill my heart, calm me once

Then it left me, broke our trust

Once, the water smashed against my skin

It washed away all my features

It revealed all I had, out and in

It covered me, it pushed me deeper

But the water doesn't want me now

The tears are all that fall

It exited, it's final bow

I yearn for it, I call

Because once the water left me here

I became barren and alone

Hope dried up, replaced by fear

My heart is now a stone


  1. The last two verses were deep...reading your writing is like seeing another side of you.

  2. THANK YOU MISSYY!! I wish you'd write one!