Saturday, March 13, 2010

Home is where my heart is.

It's time to pick up and leave. Pack my things up, in search for a new home. We moved here over a year ago, and now our time here has come to an end. I don't think I will ever be completely comfortable with moving away from a place I called home. There's a certain bit of security that a heart needs, and it's found in stability...stability only a home can give. A home gives sanity, a place where you can always hang your hat.
In life, we are all searching for our home, whether it is love or bricks and a bed. Our hearts yearn for a familiar face, a familiar place. And in such an uncertain time as this, we will look to the thing we call home. We will look to it for comfort, for encouragement. With college approaching quickly, and having to uproot my life, home is becoming such a distant entity. And it's becoming harder and harder to trust a place enough to call it home. I'm scared.
It's becoming just God and me. We are the last ones left, and I'm worried I'll buckle under the pressure...and my half of the battle will fail. The time has come to do the process of change into a man, and grow into my own self. But I question whether I have the strength, and the will, to do such a transformation. Do I have the strength to make difficult decisions, even if the are the best possible options? Do I have the will, the want, to leave a life that I am comfortable in? God only knows, and time will tell.

"I'll move to Rockferry tomorrow
And I'll build my house baby with sorrow
I'll leave my shadow to fall behind
And I wouldn't write to you 'cause I'm not that kind
Not that kind"
"I'll leave the stars to judge my every move"


  1. I too have been thinking a lot about homes lately, those who are displaced from the soil of their forefathers, those too rich and too preoccupied to create a home rather than a "house" full of stuff, we who have homes but aren't really comfortable, and certainly don't welcome people to take refugee with us...

    I think you're right - a home is not a phsyical place, it is an emotional place, a spiritual place... I often think of our inheriting eternal life as a gradual journey home to our maker, where the end result is total and complete existence and peace with him.

  2. Beautiful words, beautifully written. Home is in a face. It's in the backyard of my grandma's. Home is the smell of my grandpa's cologne.
    Home is found where peace is found.
    Thank you.