Sunday, August 29, 2010

"I know who I am, I am your's."

Since I was a small child, I have always been told about the adult world. I have constantly had it described to me. And, even though it was always described as difficult and a "rude awakening", I was unwavering in thinking that it simply meant freedom. Freedom to think the way I wanted to think, be who I wanted to be.
I'm unsure of when adulthood starts, if it's an age or state of mind. What I am sure of, is that I'm Micah Winter. I was born with a specific destiny in mind for me. And, if adulthood is a time to be held accountable for your actions, then I am and have been an adult for sometime. There is a God, and he has expectations for me. The freedom that I longed for as a child is what he's given me. The trick is this freedom comes with decisions. There is in fact a destiny and an anointed path to take, but it unfortunately isn't the only option to choose from.
As for me, I've chosen my path. I will learn, and I will teach. I'm to be a motivator, to give inspiration to a future generation of students.
Today I live in Kincannon room 652, at the University of Mississippi. I WILL get a degree, and continue to wait on his sunrise to meet me. I will continue to seek him, and follow his will for my life. I don't know where I'll be, but I know who I'll be with, and I know I'll be safe.

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