Saturday, February 18, 2012

I am me and we aren't we

I ain't ever belong to you
Independence is what I do
Free fallin, through the skies of blue
Let go of all ya put me through
A cancer only holds on tighter
Every time yo up to bite her
Ignorant that I'm a fighter
Reassure you I won't die here
Every breath to push me down
Draws in water as you drown
Recognize I'm not around
Just before you hit the ground
Oh, boy you hear that sound
It's the new one I just found
Laughin at you while you down
Come on baby show yo frown
Bet you think that I'm crazy
I don't beg and call you baby
Thought you were my leading lady
But yo words are too shade
Fool! What'd you think would come to prosper
Pushin feelings I'd never foster
Suffocating all of me
Tried to blind but I can see
That I am me and we aren't we

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