Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blooming and Yearning

Petals bloom, petals fall, and snow melts away. Leaves change, blow in burst of wind, all the while breaking apart to nothing. But as for me, I stand here through the temperature highs and bitter lows. I stand through the seasons, I watch the seasons. I stand, unchanged by them all. I am my own heart. I am dieing, I am beating, I'm hurting, I'm loving. I reveal myself through the paintings of life, the landscapes of the countryside, the skyline of the urban. I show up in the great works of others, in the face of a pretty girl. I am in the music that makes me sob, and the underlying beats that make me feel alive. I am my own heart, excluding my brain. I am my heart, and I am heavy. A burden...a gift of a life. There is no safety net, I free fall through my body. I am my own heart, and I ache for forgiveness. I am my own heart, and I need you.

"I see skies of blue

Clouds of white

Bright blessed days

Dark sacred nights

And I think to myself...what a wonderful world!"

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