Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Life. The vast frontier. It's abstract, yet it's totally physical. Life is the only thing left to conquer. The only thing left to capture, and flag, is the hopelessly tall entity that is your future. But, how do we obtain it?

I have a friend, Sheri Elizabeth Eubanks, who has an utter hate for birds, every variety. My original assumption was that she thought they were diseased, disgusting. However, I soon found out that I had mistaken jealousy for disgust. They could fly. Sheri could not. Their ability to be lifted up and out of their situation, so very easily, angered her. Why did God give some animals this capability, but not Sheri Eubanks, not Micah Winter?
The answer is simple, life is a struggle. God, in his infinite wisdom, gave us larger brains, and emotions....or as I like to call it, a soul. He lets us feel the pain, he lets us feel the love, he lets us feel the compassion. And though I, very often, think to myself, "Please, please let it stop!" I know that I am meant to persevere, I am meant to become stronger on the other side.
Life's a beast that you must tackle, with tears and heartache. If only just to make it to the other side and continue up hill.

Birds may take off the ground at any given moment, leaving everything behind. Nothing then matters. I bet you are wondering how this could be encouraging. Well, have you ever seen a happy bird? Honestly, the people you usually compare birds to are rude, ugly, or both. Leaving your problems behind isn't a solution, and it won't make you happy. Happiness is the Lord's gift to us....but it can't be obtained with out hard work, and labor.

So, conquer your life, by perseverance. Endure through your pain, to become happy. Smile, and conquer your life.

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